What is happening to old models of journalism?

Some people argue that print media will never die. When news was presented on the radio people were still happy to purchase newspapers. Even when television provided a way for news to be delivered people still went out to buy their particular newspaper. TV and Radio were both limited to certain time slots, only presenting priority news, and presenting for majorities over minorities. Newspapers had an edge that the radio and TV could not provide – in depth articles on every issue that journalists could get their hands on. But with the introduction of digital media and the availability of Internet always growing there has been a drop in the circulation of newspapers and an increase in the amount of people turning to digital news.

thumb_Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 10.02.23 pm_1024

Even with these newspaper sale drops the majority of papers are still read in print form over electronic form.


Only The Age and The Sydney Moring Herald (both Fairfax papers) have a higher online readership than print readership.

It is through digital media that organisations generate most of their revenue. This graph shows that revenue generated by online media is increasing greatly and in contrast revenue generated by print is slowly falling, as too is revenue generated from Television.


If journalism organisations are to maintain their revenue they will need to consider the best way to generate it and phasing out print media and moving to online platforms may be the best way to do this.



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