What role is MOJO playing in journalism in the 21st century?

‘Mobile phones allow citizens and journalists to report the news whenever it happens’ – MOJO: The mobile journalism handbook.

Once the proper training is given and journalistic skills are acquired any individual can generate a news story using MOJO.

In the 21st century MOJO is playing a role in reaching out to remote communities and underdeveloped countries. It provides them with the chance to report their news and get their stories out to the rest of the world for consumption.

Here is an example of a MOJO created in the NT Australia:

And here is one created in a third world country:


These two videos show that with MOJO everyone with the skills needed to produce a MOJO has a chance to have a voice – even minority groups or underprivileged people.


  1. MOJO kit is low cost compared to a traditional journalism kit and much more convenient to move around with:





  1. Can film discreetly, anywhere at anytime
  1. Rising number of people who own/use smartphones


  1. Record, edit, distribute all with one device

These pros mean that MOJO is perfect for 21st century journalism: not only can journalists get their hands on news, in video form, that they could not before they can also instantly report the news to the masses.

With MOJO’s ability to record and edit anywhere in the world, and to post to the Internet in a growing number of places around the globe it will play a trivial role in the 21st century by delivering all kinds of news stories to anyone and everyone.



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