What’s the potential for citizen journalism in today’s multi-platform communication environment?


Citizen journalism has a place in today’s multiplatform communication environment.

 Citizen journalism – ‘the involvement of non professionals reporting news, especially in blogs and other websites’ – Dictionary.com

It will not replace traditional journalism but it will have a role in providing people with updated and detailed news.

Traditional journalism will continue to only print and report factual and ethical stories with valid sources; this will give it an edge over citizen journalism. People will see traditional journalism as a more reliable and trustworthy approach to journalism.

Citizen journalism can provide people with very current news – almost anyone with a smartphone can capture a photo or film a video and if they have an internet connection – which is likely in most ‘first world’ countries – they can instantly post their footage online. With sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter this footage has the potential to ‘go viral’ very quickly.

Go viral – ‘(of a video, image, story, etc) to spread quickly and widely among internet users via social networking sites, e-mail, etc’ – Collins dictionary 

This is where citizen journalism can be very useful: it can get the information out to the public almost instantly. Whereas, traditional journalists may take some time to put together a story but when they do it will be much more factual and effective in getting accurate news across to the public.


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